Anime-Style Cafframitchi

Cafframitchi in the anime.

Cafframitchi (きゃフらみーっち) is secretly a human girl who came to Tamagotchi Planet after an incident which turned her into a Tamagotchi and gave her a special ability which, if provoked, could have disastrous results. This power had also corrupted her slightly, for she now has the desire to take over Tamagotchi Planet. Otherwise, she is very artistic and energetic, but sometimes hyper and unstable, which can cause a few problems.

Her birthday is March 8th.

In The AnimeEdit

After Cafframitchi moved to Dream-TamaTown, she had a very difficult time making friends and being social. Some of the other students tried to avoid her; they believed she was a psycho-maniac. Luckily, she managed to befriend Spaceytchi and his brothers, joining them in their quest for world domination. She is also friendly with Sketchi and Ameartotchi, and created their own Art Club at Dream-Tama School, where they hang out every now and then.


  • It is believed that Cafframitchi has a crush on Spaceytchi, but she doesn't see it as a 'traditional' crush.
  • Cafframitchi is really a human who had taken the form of a Tamagotchi, which had cursed her with a strange power that made her become unstable and evil.
  • Unlike most female Tamagotchis, Cafframitchi's favorite color is green, and has little-to-no interest in anything that is pink and/or girly.

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