Concept of Sketchboy

Sketchboy is a Non-Tamagotchi male character who came to Tamagotchi world by opening the crack between his world. His homeworld named Giga Planet (ギガ惑星 Giga wakusei) He also will be main character on Tamagotchi! The Forbidden Fruit

His birthday is October 23th.

His code name is [SKB01]


Sketchboy have red spikey hair, wears a red dress and black eyes.


Sketchboy lost his ability to speak due Makazetchi steals his voice but he lucky finds Kurosantchi,Mametchi and others then they becoming friends. he trying to find his voice back but he can't find it, he usually reading the TokuGiga Book (とくギガブック Toku giga bukku) that how to defeat Makazetchi without using spells and magics.



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