(なのっち) is a fanmade Tamagotchi character. He is very tiny at two inches tall and he lives in Tamagotchi Town. He was originally an artificial life creation like Hapihapitchi and Mamesunnytchi, made as an experiment at MameMame Laboratory, but then he escaped to see the world.


Nanotchi's best friend is Melodytchi; he has a crush on her. He likes cooking and sometimes helps at Tama Cafe, but it can be difficult because of his small size. His favorite food is biscuits.

Nanotchi is generally nice and he cares a lot about his friends. However, he has a "naughty" side to his personality as well.

Kurosantchi is fond of him and calls him "Nice Naughty Nanotchi Baloney Pie". But sometimes she calls him "Nice Naughty Naughty Nanotchi Baloney Pie" instead, when he is being very naughty.


Nanotchi wear a white shirt, blue pants ,red scarf and a hat with a lighting bolt shape. His skin is cream-coloured. 


Nanotchi have another name: Enertchi.


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