PR: Tamagotchi (レッツゴー、たまごっち Rettsugō, Tamagotchi) is the first season of Power Rangers/Super Sentai. This TV Series was after event of Agido Rider and Agido Rider: Tamagotchi which is aftermath of Samuel and Mametchi: Life Cycle.


After somedays event of Agido Rider, the strange light heading towards to Samuel, Reika and Takumi and revealed was the egg. When the egg was warmed, it started to hatch to the mysterious creature called Tamagotchi and slimy being called Babytchi then named him Tamago. While back, Tamago was seemingly sick, only just evolve into


  • Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo
  • Hiroman/Takumi
  • Jessica/Reika


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