Tamagotchi iD L Ultimate Version is the ultimate Tamagotchi, considerably larger than any other Tamagotchi. It contains every single character, mini-game, item, and food to ever feature on the virtual pets, as well as many new ones.


Sushigatchi Ameliatchi As well as these A Acchitchi Acrobatchi Adobentchi ADtchi Agetchi Ahirukutchi Akaspetchi Amakutchi Ameartotchi Amiamitchi Anata Androtchi Anemoriritchi Anesantchi Antoinetchi Aokumotchi Arukotchi (character) AsaDoratchi Ashigyotchi Ashitchi Ashitchi (TamaOtch) Atchi Atsuatsutchi B Babymotchi Babytchi Bagubagutchi Bakutchi Baradorutchi Batabatchi Beartchi Belltchi Benitchi Benzatchi Big Boss Gotchi Bikertchi Bikkuritchi Bill Billkotchi Billotchi Bird Deviltchi Black Hat Blackholetchi Bokutchi Boxertchi Brother Otogitchi Bukutchi Bunbuntchi Bunkotchi Burgertchi Burglar Butlertchi Butterflytchi C Cactitchi Cactus Angel Cafe Mama Candy Pakupaku Capsuletchi Celeb Sisters Celebtchi Chamametchi Chantotchi Charatchi Charitchi Cheertchi Chestnut Angel Chibipatchi ChikachikaBabytchi C cont. Chikuwa-bu Chikuwa-kun Chitchi Chobitamatchi Chobitchi ChoHimetchi Chokomakatchi ChoMametchi Choribotchi Chouchoutchi Chubby Angel Chubby Deviltchi Chuchutchi Chuukatchi Ciaotchi Classic Santaclautchi Classictchi Clione Deviltchi Clulutchi Coffretchi Comb-bowie Sensei Cosmotchi Crackertchi Crescent Irukatchi Crystaltchi Currypantchi D D2 Daikutchi Daiyatchi Dango Obatchi Dazzilitchi Debatchi Debutchi Decoratchi Decotchi Deertchi Denshohatotchi Depagatchi Devil Mametchi Devil Oyajitchi Devil Zuccitchi Deviltchi DNAtchi Doctor Future Dokukinotchi Don Paratchi Donguritchi Donutchi Doremitchi Dorodorotchi Dorotchi Doyakentchi Doyatchi Dream5 Dreambakutchi Dreamitchi E Eco-usatchi Triplets Eiyuutchi Enchoutchi F Firumutchi Flowertchi (Version 2) Fortetchi Funkorogatchi Furifuritchi Furikotchi Furilavutchi Furutsupantchi F cont. Futabatchi Fuwamokotchi G Gaiatchi Gankotchi Ganmo-kun Gejitchi Genbintchi Genjintchi Getatchi Ghost Deviltchi Ghost Jr Ginjirotchi Ginjirotchi Angel Ginnan-bouzu Giragiratchi Girl Deviltchi Gomasuritchi Gorogorotchi Gosutchi Gotchi King Gotchi Queen Gotchiman Gotchimotchi Gourmetchi Gozarutchi Grippatchi Grubabotchi Guidetchi Gulasantchi Guriguritchi Gurugurukitchi Gypsytchi H Hakubankotchi Sensei Hanafuwatchi Hanatarezoutchi Hanatchi Hanekotchi Haneotchi Hanepatchi Hanikamitchi Hanpen-kun Hapihapitchi Happabouyatchi Happy Happyburgertchi Harapparatchi Harptchi Harutchi Hashitamatchi Hashizoutchi Hat Santaclautchi Hatenatchi Hatokamitchi Hatugatchi Hawaikotchi Hawainotchi Heartchi Helmetchi Herotchi Hidatchi Hikotchi Himespetchi Himetchi Hinatchi Hineonetchi Hinotamatchi

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